Quick Home Design Tips for 2018

Getting a home remodeled in 2018? It is a great time to push ahead with a remodel. Real estate prices are solid, which means any money spent on a remodel can be recouped by selling a home. And designers are coming up with so many innovations that your home will be so much more fun to use after the remodel.

Smart Homes

One of the remodeling tips that we have for homeowners is to embrace the smart home. A home designer and contractor can work with you to put in smart lighting, switches and other items into your home. The result is that you can control almost every aspect of your home from a digital device.

Whether it is a tablet, phone or computer, you can turn lights on and off, control the central air, lock doors and do so much more. It is all part of creating a complete smart home, where everything is interconnected.

Kitchen and Dining Room Combinations

Another trend that is emerging is tearing down walls to combine kitchens and dining rooms. So many homeowners are tired of having a tiny kitchen and a tiny dining room, especially when they barely use the dining room.

Having one big room is so much more useful. It makes the kitchen a fun space where the whole family can hang out. And it also makes the dining room a lot less formal.

Efficient Bathrooms

We often hear about windows and air conditioning being more energy efficient. But what many homeowners do not realize is that you can even set up bathrooms that are more efficient.

By changing up fixtures to more efficient ones, you can save so much money in the future. Your toilet will use anywhere from 50 to 75 percent less water. While there are even water conserving faucets that homeowners can get in their house!