About Us

There are so many interesting things going on with home design. It appears there is a new trend coming out every few weeks. Trends that were relevant six months ago are now being consigned to the scrap heap. Other trends are making a comeback after years on the periphery.

It is so amazing to see what constructors and designers are doing with new homes or remodeling projects. It is why we started our magazine. We kept seeing these amazing pictures and stories online. But we always felt that we had to scour the internet to find this information. Then it hit us – why don’t we start a magazine devoted to these topics?

Now we have a magazine that is all about home building, designs and trends. We focus on all the trends that are making news around the country. Are kitchen islands in these days? You can find out by reading our magazine!

If you are worried that you will find boring content on our magazine, you are in for a shock. We always try to approach a story from a fresh and unique angle. There is no point including information that has been written 20 times before. We want to present our audience with a fresh perspective in each issue.

It is why we also profile designers and home building companies. It is the best way to showcase trends, display new designs and elevate those who are coming up with these great ideas.

Saw a home design trend that impressed you? There is a good chance you can read about it and the people behind it in our magazine. We give you a behind the scenes look at how new home design trends emerge.

There is so much excitement surrounding home design these days. In fact, we have to take out stories from our issues as the magazine feels too crowded! We are even more excited about our upcoming issues. Our new work is better than anything we did before!